2023 was a dream race. Sunny skies, temps in the high 30s with a high of 40. No wind. 

Because most comments come via Facebook, please refer to the Celebrate Life Half Marathon FB Group to read what participants said about the race. It was fantastic. 


Socially distanced, safe event. Sunny Skies. Some wind. Squalls at the end. Beautiful day. 

Christine S.

Excellent race and Covid safe. Thank you for all your hard work – it is appreciated. Oh and thanks for throwing in some snow to go along with the hills!

Kaitlin B.

Great race day! Thanks to you and all the volunteers!

Kristin A.

This race was the best thing to happen in a year. I am so happy you were able to have it and I was able to run. That wind and snow made it crazy and special. This race never disappoints. Thank you to you and all the volunteers

Dawn D.

Such a great day!! You made lots of people smile today

Val L.


Fantastic race yesterday! I am sure being behind the scenes – heck, you ARE the scene – you see all the kinks and wrinkles, but through my starry-eyed participant lenses, CLHM is always an awesome time. This year was great. Loved the setup, turn out, surprise flurries (I call it confetti), and even the lovely, unforgiving hills. SO happy we were able to see everyone in person. You have the best organized, most fun race (and race emails) ever, and we runners love you. No really, we talk about you and really do agree you are the Coolest-est Race Director out there. That extra “est” is in there to hold you over until you can pop a cork in just a few more days (not weeks).

Hugs and High Fives from one of your many fans!

Run on!

Fran P

I just wanted to say thank you for another excellent, perfect CLHM. You are amazing and did a super-restriction amazing job. Everything! The organization, the medals (OMG!), the volunteers, the food, and even the weather. And I loved the twist at the end with the snow squall and 40 mph winds!

Again, THANK YOU!!

You are the coolest race director anywhere!

Summer S

My name is Summer, this was my first year participating in the half marathon! You really put together some great events! I wanted to thank you and let you know how much fun I had. I was just wondering if something was wrong with the photo section I cannot seem to access any photos . Thanks again looking forward to next year!!

Annette B

Sorry it has taken me a week to send this . I just have to tell you what an unbelievable race you organized last week. It was a race I did not think would happen due to our crazy Covid world but you proved us all wrong and you DID it ! The planning must have been a true headache and lots of research. It seemed to go smoothly from start to finish. The start corals with all the circles were amazing . Thank you so much for making it happen. We all needed to do OUR thing once again ! Lots of fun and Celebrate Life has not skipped a beat ….. rest a little Miriam ! 

Roger B

you put on an incredible event and I will be back next year. Well done. 


Happy day after!  It was a great race as always and me and my Vernon Running Club friends had a great time.  What would Celebrate Life be without a little snow?🤣


I had an awesome first half marathon yesterday.  Thanks so much for a great experience with beautiful views, friendly people and unique weather 🙂

Monica M.

Just wanted to thank you for another great race day!   Can’t even imagine the time and effort it took to pull it off so smoothly.  

Your untiring efforts are so appreciated.  

John A.

Bernadette and I would like to thank you for the FANTASMIC job you did on putting together this year’s half-marathon. We can’t imagine how much work it took to do this. You are the best…..

Anthony C.

Much appreciation to you & the volunteers to have a well organized event.  The course was challenging & I am sure I will join again next year.

Michelle T

Thank you for a fun and memorable day! I look forward to running the course again next year. I loved every mile!

Thank you and see you next year!


Thank you, Myriam for another great race. This year was extra special given all that’s happened in the last year. It was sooooo great just to get out and run with others. Even the weather, wind&snow did not diminish my joy. I cannot imagine the countless hours you’ve put in. It shows!! Stay well! Easter and wine can’t be too far away 🙂

Michael V

Thank you for directing such a memorable race . It was challenging but awe inspiring to see the names of people at mile 11 who are fighting this terrible disease . Thank you for holding this race admist  this pandemic and keeping COVID protocols in place . It was truly an amazing race . You did an awesome job.

Michael F

Many thanks for directing and coordinating an outstanding event during one heck of a year and all its challenges.  The uses of waves, corrals and the start line releases were a stroke of genius on your part.  And the weather couldn’t have been better – blue skies, cool breezes, some mighty gusts, the promised hills and, of course, the lake effect snow.  Everything was perfect.

You are the best and coolest race director ever!

Terri M

Thank you Myriam for putting on another great race for us! Your team was fantastic and the waves worked out well, at least mine went off without a hitch. It was good to be back on the course and running those hills. Great challenge for the legs 🙂

Ellissa G

When they say Celebrate Life Half Marathon is an “experience” they are absolutely correct. To celebrate those in remission. To honor those fighting. To remember those lost. Thank you

Myriam Loor for all of your countless hours. The world is a better place because of you

Luis S.

Some amazing folks doing some amazing things. We all have our reasons why we do what we do. We are strangers at the start line, friends during the race, and family at the finish line.

Congrats to all. You guys rocked it!

Melinda W.

Wonderful race! And a beautiful day – you done good!

Jayden S.

Myriam, thank you for coordinating the tailwind to be on the uphill and the headwind on the downhills. It’s much appreciated.

Star W.

Thank you  what a great day Y’all did an amazing job

Everything went off so well

Steve L.

Great job!

Dorothy M

Thank you to all the volunteers. Like many of you, this was my last race in 2020 and my first of 2021. It was great to be back out there and have such great support. See you in 2022.

Wendy B.
Huge thanks to Myriam Loor. I am still smiling! It was a really fun race, not only because it was the first in FOREVER, but it’s a great cause to support, a challenging and picturesque course, and really well organized. THANK YOU!

Jean B,

It was a glorious day! Thank you Myriam for all your dedication to this event

Lancey  C.

just finished virtually! beautiful day to remember those we’ve lost

Bette C.

An absolutely fantastic race today Myriam Loor, despite all the obstacles and complications during this time! And love the jacket this year!

Susan P.

Congratulations to all! What a great well run race!

Kris S.

My wife and I had a great time. Thank you for all your hard work Myriam Loor

Cherrie S.

Today marks the 9th running of the Celebrate Life Half Marathon for me. Some were the full 13.1 and some were the relay. I’ve collected a rainbow of jackets and a nice assortment of medals (missing 2019 due to the blizzard we ran virtually) For many of us, it was the first in person race since the 2020 Celebrate Life. I ran an in person half in PA in October. This race is a motivator not only because it raises money annd honors cancer victims and survivors but also motivates us to train through the winter. 2020 had its challenges and hardships. Celebrate Life reminds me to celebrate and appreciate every day.

Linda M.

So glad to see the happy posts about the in-person race today – I missed being there, but don’t worry I did plenty of hills during my 13.1 here in Vermont. I had company for the first 4.7 miles.

Anne M

Myriam Loor what a first class event today! Thank you! Thank you!’


Beautiful sunny skies. Clear roads. No snow on the ground. 

I appreciate everyone of you who participated or volunteered or donated. 

Thank you!

Myriam – Race Director 

Michael F. – Hi Myriam, 

You are the coolest and best race director because you care for the runners and their supporters and for those whose lives have been challenged and altered by cancer. This year’s CLHM was another great event and for that you should be proud. And whatever magic or prayers you used to make the weather glorious I shout hallelujah! and do it again for the 18th. 

Hope you get some rest and that the remaining days of Lent are as reflective as they can be without the joys of wine.  (I, too, abstain from vino during these forty days. 🙂)

Michael B – I just wanted to say thank you to every volunteer on the course and at the hotel for today (and of course to Myriam). This was only the 2nd time I have ventured off of Long Island to run and the race today was amazing. Can’t wait to come back next year!

Daisy – Hi Myriam. Had an amazing time. First ever half marathon. By the way I made a cash donation of $50 on the day before the Race when i picked up the bib and jacket. The young lady collecting was very pleasant and thanked me   Looking forward to future races.  

Bill G – Once again Myriam put on one of the best races. Her heart shows through from start to finish

Bobby – Hi Myriam, Thanks for a fantastic CLHM.  

Gary S– You did an amazing job!!!

Julia – Thank you so much for everything you do, have done, and continue to do… you are amazing.

it was the absolute best weather ever.  i am lucky i could step in.  originally i was an alternative pacer but Vanessa sent me a note and asked if i can do 2:15 since someone got injured.  of course I stepped up.

I know it’s a challenging course, but that is what i love about it.

I can’t thank you enough for everything.

Til next year,

Steven C –   Just wanted to say nice work on the race as always and the sign came out great. I see the printer worked just fine for you! I enjoy doing this race and the weather was really good this year to boot. 

Randy – You did a fabulous job with the race! We came from CT to walk and loved it!

Many many thanks for a brilliant day

Bette C – Myriam: Can’t believe it but found a record of all my Celebrate Life races—yesterday was my 13th—haven’t missed one since I ran my first in 2008!

As long as I can put one foot in front of another I’ll be there, Myriam, and thank you always for doing this and for your friendship.

Every day I look forward to celebrating life—and especially once a year on a very special day! Thank you thank you thank you!

Jordan B – Thanks, Myriam, we had a super time!

Kevin – Thanks so much for an amazing experience. My daughter Megan Alano placed one her age group but only realized after we had driven far off. Is there a special medal for age group winners? Can it be sent to us if there is?
Thanks again and see you next year! 

Paul S– This race was an awesome experience Maria. Myriam, all the volunteers and runners, and some stories shared from others of what inspired them to run this race was very memorable. Nice course too and table 12 , fun group (:

Lynn G – As always, excellent race today.  You worked so hard to make this an amazing event.  Thanks for all you do!!!❤️❤️❤️

Kate T – Thank you for another wonderful race! Couldn’t have had a better day, and the race itself just keeps getting better. Thank you for all the work you put into coordinating it year after year!

Kate – Thanks Myriam…hope you finally get to have a well deserved rest.  

You did a great job once again!

Linda M – Thank you Myriam Loor and all involved on all levels of the Celebrate Life Half Marathon!! Love this year’s medal! Thank you again for a great race day!

Sharon B – It was tough. It was hilly. It was a beautiful day to run. It was my first half. Thank you to all the volunteers and fellow athletes and of course Myriam Loor. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Ann B – Now, more than ever I’m grateful for the experience I had this past Sunday. I held back a lil bit so I wouldn’t burn out fir NYC. As a result I really took in the beauty of the course and really enjoyed myself. To top it all off I had a PR by close to 4 mins! Now that NY is cancelled I’m more appreciative of the wonderful experience that I had with all of you. I had a couple nice conversations along the course and we supported and encouraged one another. Thank you so much fir everything! 🏃‍♀️🎉❤️

Karen M – excellent organized race. Thank you 😊

Gary T – My favorite course of all time. Volunteers were amazing. GU guy had nice pass across road to me!

Trinity M – Thank you so much to all the volunteers and amazing people on and off the course. I appreciate you all❤ it was a beautiful day

Amalie P – Thank you for a well organized race! First time running this race. Challenging, yes, but I refused to let the course kick my a$$. 🙂

Kelly B – Another great year! Thanks Myriam Loor and all the volunteers out there. You were all fantastic!!!!

Harry O – Always memorable

Andrea HMyriam Loor and volunteers- thank you for another great race. This is such a well-organized road race with incredible perks for all participants. Thank you for offering the three start times so all athletes have a chance to come back to post-race food. Thank you for the opportunity to honor family


Difficult road conditions. Snow, sleet, freezing rain, but you all poured your strength and support and together we had a day we’ll never forget.

Thank you!

Myriam -Race Director

Joanna G – You always put in so much work and the end result is an amazing race! And now you can have some peace of mind, because if people show up when it’s single digits, and show up again when it’s snowy and slushy, we’ll show up to run in anything 😁.

Harry – Another relay with Daniel. Tough conditions but compared to cancer a spring romp. Thanks for all you do.

Sue M – It was a great day, Miriam! Thanks to the great volunteers! We are waking up tired and sore, but we had a good time yesterday!

Kyle G – You’re the best. We love you! ❤

Kate C – It is always such a special day. Myriam – I hope that you get a well deserved day (or 2!) of rest. 🙂

Kathy V – You’re the best Myriam Loor!!! Many thanks to you, and all the volunteers!!!

Rebecca F – Once again it was amazing!! I had my fastest stretch of time leading up to it. Partially because the snow was off the road at that point but also because I knew that there was BEER!!!
Thanks to the amazing volunteers for being there and keeping up your energy even for us back of the packers!!! 😊🏃🏻‍♀️🍻 Thank you Myriam for all your hard work to put this event on every year and to all the volunteers and first responders on the course. This was my 3rd year and I will be back for such a great cause!

Alexa D – Thank you Myriam Loor for another amazing race !!!!

Paula F – The water station and volunteers were incredible. Thank you

Carl R – Much fun running the Celebrate Life Half Marathon. Thank you Myriam Loor for your dedication and all volunteers!!! I had to put on my BF Goodrich, tires aka trail running shoes to maintain traction running through snow and slush.

Jo B – Happy to be a part of this awesome race again Myriam. Hats off to you for some stellar organization in tough conditions.
I personally had a blast out there today (I was the 2.30 pacer)
See you next year!

Bette B – As usual Myriam Loor, race director par excellence—you did a phenomenal job, as did the police/fireman, snow plow ER’s, volunteers, and more. A very challenging day for you, I’m sure, but you made it happen without a hitch (that we all knew!). Thank you thank you for continuing this great work. I know personally how priceless the support you are able to offer..

Gayle H – Overwhelming gratitude for all that you do Myriam Loor and to everyone who helped before, during, and all day long to make CLHM a success. There’s a reason that we all come back, year after year. The work that you do the mission this race serves speaks for itself.

Vanessa K – Great day!! Glad this BEAST was finally able to make it to your race! 🤗

Nikki M – This was my first Half. My first Half ever. I was dead last, and 💯 percent happy with that, because I just wanted to say I finished. Everything was torn down, but the clock was still there to get my time. There was no food left, and everyone was gone, but you bought me a meal on your dime at Crust. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do to put this amazing race together. See you next year.❤️

Stella P – Well organized race despite the conditions. Thanks to Nicole Moeller my running buddy for the last 5 miles. You crushed it and I couldn’t have done it without you!


Pam G – 9 years ago, your race was my first ever half-marathon. As a cancer survivor, “celebrate life”is what we try to do everyday. This race holds a special place in so many hearts as evident through all of the posts on this page and by the brave souls who made it to Rock Hill yesterday, and more importantly, to the finish line. I was not one of them. We made it half way, but 209 was awful, and with tears in our eyes, we made the decision to return home. As I was dedicating my run this year to my brother in law, I was especially disappointed, and made a post asking for people to keep him in their thoughts as they ran. Immediately, two people responded, one, a total stranger. The outpouring of love and support on my post was overwhelming. I know yesterday had to be extremely trying and difficult. I want to reinforce to you what you already know, what a wonderful community of people your race has become; that what you do has made such an impact on so many of us. I will be back next year for what will be my 9th race. In the mean time, I will continue to celebrate life.❤️

Karen M – To the all time best RD of my all time FAVORITE half:
That was insane this morning, and I pretty much loved every minute of it, except for the driving to get to Rock Hill.
Tired legs and best regards: Thank you, once again, for a wonderful race!

PS – you think you might request another one of those 60 degree days for next year’s half?

John H – Hi Myriam!

Guess you are in “hibernation ” mode now that the race is over and if so, you deserve it. You and your volunteer crew did an OUTSTANDING job. It had to be one of the best organized  races I have participated in. 

Kristie – Challenging but great run!!

Adam O- The relay corner was off the charts. I love everything about this race, but I looooove this corner.

Christopher R – I just want to say how awesome it was to see so many walkers and early starters out there. It clearly was not the best day to race but they toughed it out and it really made the race extra special today. All ya’ll deserve a big Congratulations.

Anne M – I loved every minute of today, the good the bad and the awesomeness!!! Thank you Miriam and all the volunteers!! Bravo!!

Denise K – to all the runners, walkers, volunteers and survivors today! Thanks for all you do! I am really sorry I missed it this year due to my own medical issues. My husband and I, as well as my sister in law and brother in law really enjoyed this in the past and had hoped to run this year! Really hope to be back out there again next year! 🙏🎉🎊
Regardless, great job to everyone that was there. God bless the victims, may they never be forgotten. ❤️

Christine S – thank you for a great race – the conditions were tough but you and your team were on it. Adam Osmond you are an awesome pacer and motivator! So great running the race with you.

Gelardina G- Last year I saw the celebrate life 1/2 marathon flyer and laughed at the idea of even trying to complete it. This year it was something I had to do and not even the weather could stop me. What a difference a year makes. It wasn’t the optimal day to attempt a half marathon especially since I’m not a runner but it was an experience like no other. So thank you Myriam Loor for all of your hard work and organizing a truly special event.

Calista F – Congratulations to all those who participated in this race yesterday. So many #WinterWarriorRunners #BraveWalkers Grateful thanks 💞❤️ to all those who stopped by to assist me when I fell. Thanks for the sincere encouragement and offers of a ride back. Thanks to Nikki from Poughkeepsie who walked with me despite her painful hips. Grateful for those who stayed out in the cold to guide my turns and those who patiently waited at the #FinishLine.

Phylis S – Congratulations on a very successful event. we applaud you for the work you are doing – We celebrate Life

Steve J – Johnstons Toyota and Johnstons Subaru so happy to be a proud sponsor of this wonderful event every year!! Thank you Myriam Loor! We are in next year as well!

Ryan H – I was celebrating life yesterday. 90 days sober yesterday. Today is 91. Signed up for this race on Monday I think. No training just grateful to Celebrate life! Thanks to all the volunteers and the race director it was a great day!

Barry L – Who needs a snowplow? It was cold, icy, slush, snowy and just really unpleasant. But not for a second did I think to miss the Celebrate Life Half Marathon. Great race for a truly wonderful cause. Thank you Myriam Loor for making today possible.

Shira R – The Middletown Outback Steakhouse crew was amazing today! They even registered as bone marrow and stem cell donors.

Michaela H – Thank you for your hard work! It was a great day

Jeannie L – What a difference a day makes! I can’t believe how beautiful it is today. Everyone who walked/ran/volunteered and, of course, Myriam – YOU GUYS ARE BADASS! I’m sure you’ll never forget CL2019. Excited for next year. 

Lynn G -You did a great job,  Going to run this again and bring a few friends.  See you next year!!!!

Michael T – I’m sure you’re hearing it from lots of people of a job well done by you and your crew.  Considering the elements not being in your favor in the beginning, it worked out after all was said and done. I don’t know who the guy was taking video of the runners as he ran along side them.  He’d stop, become a cheerleader for the runners, then back to the video.  Then back to running with everyone.  He was encouraging, optimistic and thoroughly enjoying the moment.  It was nice some people, along the lakeside, came out to cheer.  He’d call out to them “look for us next year, same time, same place”.  It had to be tough for your guys waiting at the water stops for all the runners to come by as they endured the weather.  They also did a great job.  Thanks again.  See you next year.
Elisha – Thanks for a great race!! Even in the slush it was an amazing experience. Looking forward to next year!



Beautiful sunny skies. Temps in the mid 30s. Light wind. Enjoyable running conditions.

Myriam – Race Director


The race was great! Thanks a lot. 150% worth the trip.

Ardavan B.

Hi there! I ran my first Celebrate Life yesterday. I am actually from Suffolk County, LI and the drive in the morning was about 2:20. It was completely worth it! This was one of the best races I have done in all my years. The support was amazing, the swag was awesome and the racers were kind and friendly! Ladies that let me crash their table party after the race, thank you! I felt like I was part of your group. Congratulations to everyone and I know I will be back!

Lisa S.

Myriam, I hope you take a moment to reflect on just how much you raised, how much fun you created for so many of us today and how your hard work has not gone to waste is appreciated. Thank you.

Barry L.

Great race and well organized. Myriam Loor is a passionate Race Director and does a great job, as do all of the many and wonderful volunteers. It’s evident that Myriam pays attention to detail.

Kevin  P.

It is always a wonderful race with such friendly people. Myriam is quite a special woman.

Fran M.

Thank you for a beautiful walk with entertaining signs!


I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do with this race. Again thank you again for all you do for this amazing race. I appreciate it.

Steve C.

Thank you for a wonderful experience today with the Celebrate Life Half Marathon!  It was a lot of fun, even going up and down, up and down, up and down the hills. Once again you did a great job.  Please know that your efforts are much appreciated by many. 

Michael F.

Thanks for ANOTHER great race!


The half marathon today was so amazing and I really look forward to it next year. 

Christina M.

Thank you for putting on this race. It was a great challenging course and got to pace a friend during her first half. It was well organized and the atmosphere was incredible! Thank you!

Derek S.

You are doing a great job.

 Ed L.

Thank you for another great race! Amy M.

You rock!  My friend Bonnie and I had the best time!  She loved her first half! – Jenny D

Thank you, Myriam!! The Rock Hill half was an awesome event in which I’m proud to have participated. U are an amazing person. I happened to pick up my guitar (needed a reset) at Steve’s earlier today. He spoke of u so warmly!Thank you,

Chris R.

Thank you for a job well done at this year’s race. 

Michael T.

Thank you for a great job. Well done. 


Thank you for a great, well put together run! ! Until next year !

Judy O.

Thank you for a wonderful event.  I crossed the line with my sign in hand held up high! See you next year!


Great race!!!

Meghan M.

Great, Great job.

Denis M.

Myriam, Great job you really have created a wonderful service to breast cancer research and this race transforms any other local running event…

Denis M.

Thank you for such an incredible first half marathon experience…such a fun and inspiring run.

Kristen A.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience today! 

Valerie D.

I always enjoy participating in this event.

Tony T.

Awesome race.

Christine S.

Volunteers were awesome and the views of the lakes were spectacular. Thank you for a great event, and the sign in memory of my Dad and Father-in-law.

Kevin M.

Thank you for the add! And thank you for a wonderful race! 

Amber K.

Thank you so much to all for an amazing event today. what a beautiful course for a cause near and dear to all of our hearts. I will be adding this race to my “must-do again” list!!!

Katie S.

What an amazing turnout today, just a well run event!!!!!! Thank you.

Erin F.

Thank u all… great event !!! (Again )…. see u next year!!!

Robert G.

Amazing race as always.

Billy R.

Myriam, thanks for a great race today, it’s a really hard race, but such a great cause and a wonderful accomplishment at the end of the day, thanks again for all your hard work.

Kim M.

Amazing race. Thank you Myriam for all you do !

Amy B.

Thank you to you and all the wonderful volunteers! 8th one down! Will be back next year for my 9th!

Pamela G.

This race was as awesome as I remembered from 2 years ago. Beautiful lake views, challenging hills, wonderful people, and all for an amazing cause. Thank you to everyone, especially Myriam!

Lani S.

Another great day. Thank you to all the organizers, volunteers, police, and emts. And the sponsers.

Michael V.

Volunteers are the best!

Vicky N.

Thank you to all the volunteers .

Christine S.

Awesome time today !!! Thank you Myriam Loor !

Olivia  F.

Thanks Myriam for putting on another great event. I always enjoy participating and helping the runners prepare for and recover from the race.

Tony T.

Another beautiful race!

Marie M.


Olivia F.


An amazing event as always!! Thank you to everyone involved. Also, a big thank you for the warmer weather this year!

Doreen S.

Thank you Myriam for another great race! And perfect weather!

Bette C.

Great race once again ! Thank you Myriam and all the volunteers !

Darleen  S.

Thank you Myriam for a great race & a wonderful cause ! The volunteers were great !

Jeannette P.

Thank you for all of your hard work. Awesome experience.

Doreen S.

Pacers were outstanding , friendly, inspiring and professional !!!

Run Carl Run

Amazing race. Amazing Race Director. Amazing crowd. See you next year. 

Adam O.

It is a gorgeous course.

Laura K.

THANK U. #Can’t wait # strong #Fcancer…

Robert G.

So let’s talk about those “rolling hills”…

But seriously, Myriam,  you coordinate a great event and it was super smooth from packet pickup to start to finish to post race meals. You’re awesome!!!

Anthony R.

Thank you for all your hard work to make this race happen. The views were awesome & I survived the rolling hills.

Christine S.

I had such a good time yesterday. 1st time at it. Did the relay. Thank you for putting together such a nice event Myriam. 


My 8th race every year someone new joins me this year it was my daughter and her friend .

Phyllis S.

I had a fantastic experience running my first half-marathon! Hopefully many more in the future.

John K.

Thank you to Myriam and everyone involved in this amazing event. This survivor will be back next year!

Debbi P.

What a morning…so thankful to be out celebrating life with y’all! This race was not easy but God powered us through and we had a great time!

Steven D.

Thanks Myriam for a great race. This was our 5th year running and we intend to keep going.

Charmaine Q.

Sharing lots of love and fun with these beautiful, Celebrate Life Half Marathon runners\walkers. No better place to be on this day.

Rosie D.

Once again….Myriam & all of the volunteers put on an amazing event. I am always proud & humbled in the presence of so many survivors & families honoring their loved ones. Celebrate Life always leaves my heart full. Thank you!

Denise K.

Congrats to you Myriam Loor!! Well done.

David M.

What a great event! Thank you, Myriam, for all you do. Thanks to the volunteers, police, fire personnel and everyone else who made the event possible. Great job everyone! See you next year!

Karen L.

THANK YOU Myriam, Volunteers, Runners, Sponsors and all partners who were cheerleaders for their spouse, who each touched my life in a special way for 13.1 miles. Thank you Myriam for organizing such an amazing race.


Phyllis S.

Thank you Myriam for all you do !!!

Karen M.

Ran my 1st and probably last NYC Half. Having run CLHM last weekend I can say, without a doubt, that CLHM blows away the NYC Half both in the course and the amenities of the race. Cost, convenience and running for an incredible cause. Thank you for all you do. You know I’ll be back at CLHM for as many years as I can.

Christopher R.

Thank you for my survivor medal! Your race was my first half eight years ago because someone convinced me that I could. I did and will continue to do so for as long as I can.

Paula G.

Was so pleased to get a surprise Survivor Finisher medal in the mail. It brought a smile to my face.  Thank you so much.

Debbie P.

Thank you, Myriam!!! The medal I received is amazing. Currently reading your book too.

Angela C.

Thank you, Myriam. I received my medal yesterday ! That was very nice & I did not expect it!

Jeannette P.

Thank you Myriam,  received my medal, that was so sweet. Thank you, praying for a cure.

Amy B.

Loved , loved, loved it.

C T.

I ran the NYC Half yesterday as well. It was an amazing race but next year I’m planning on running the Celebrate Life again, can’t wait to be a part of such an amazing event.

Gracia H.

Myriam,… I had a wonderful time… Thank you for a great event!

Pat M.

First time at this race. Had a really nice time. My BF and I did the relay  – everyone couldn’t have been nicer.


What a great event! Thank you, Myriam for all you do. Thanks to the volunteers, police, fire personnel and everyone else who made the event possible. Great job everyone! See you next year!

Karen F.

Once again… Myriam & all of the volunteers out on an amazing event. I am always proud & humbled in the presence of so many survivors and families honoring their loved ones. Celebrate Life always leaves my heart full. Thank you!

Denise K.

Myriam, you are amazing.

Laura K.

Can’t wait! Walking this year !

Angela R.

What an amazing g race!!!

Melanie T.

Myriam,  at my race in Cortland NY today , I ran into 2 separate random people in the course who are running the Celebrate Life Half tomorrow. You’re famous! Or at least NY Famous!

Mike C.

This is a must DO…

 Tony T.

My crew loved it Myriam.  Great job as always.  Sorry I couldn’t run and they will be back next year and we’ll continue to try to recruit others.
Ben –

Thank you for putting on this race. It was a great challenging course and got to pace a friend during her first half. It was well organized and the atmosphere was incredible! Thank you! Derek S.

That’s impressive. Thanks for this report Myriam.

You are doing a great job. Best. Ed L.

Hello Myriam, 

Thank you for another great race!  Sincerely, 

Amy M.




Single digits. Even water and Gatorade froze at water stations, but you kept smiling

Myriam – Race Director

illy R. – Thank you Myriam for putting on another awesome race yesterday.

Heather F. ¬ Amazing….simply AMAZING! Best Race Director ever, Myriam!

Tinka S.- Thanks for organizing this amazing race Myriam. It was my first ever half marathon and I totally enjoy it! Would love to have a link to the official photos of the race if you have it. Thank you for the joy you spread!

Tricia.- Great job to you Myriam! Thank you for your humor & for always going out of your way. #bestracedirectorever

Kim S.- Thank you for another amazing event. You and the volunteers are awesome

Sue M. – Thanks for a great race. It sure was cold, but thankfully the sun was out in full force. It was really nice without all of the cars on the road……especially at the finish. Thank you!

Darlene S. – Sincere thank-you to you Myriam and all the volunteers

Harry O. – This was a special one indeed – thanks for all you do

Christie B.- Thank you!

Betty – Myriam, you have it a little backwards! The honor and pleasure was ours! This was my first time running a half marathon and those rolling hills…. taught me a life lesson! And that my friend is only one reason why I run. Thank you for your efforts and the opportunity for the experience

Scott H. Great job!! We had a great day…thank you for all your hard work!

Chris M. – This just in….ran in 2016, 2017. G/F says we’re doing it again in 2018! The odds are in our favor…it cannot be bone chilling two years in a row…can it?

Amy M. – Greetings Myriam. Thank you for such a fantastic race!

Wendy A.- Thank you Myriam for all your hard work & the love you put in to make this a GREAT race for a GREAT cause!

THANK YOU volunteers!!! Can’t thank you enough for showing up & being out there for us!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!

Dawn J.- Thank you Myriam Loor for your dedication, sense of humor and hard work in organizing this amazing race for a wonderful cause. Many thanks also to all the volunteers that cheered us on and stayed out on such a frigid day to help us along, and to the Ramada for giving us a toasty warm resting area!

Christine – It was bitterly cold, and crazy hilly, but the Celebrate Life Half Marathon still drew out over 1,000 runners to honor, remember and celebrate those who have fought against cancer. It was a great day shared with friends.

Tricia S.- Great job to you Myriam! Thank you for your humor & for always going out of your way. #bestracedirectorever

Michael F.- It was fun!

John V.- Just a quick thank you for puttin on a great event yesterday. It was a pleasure to participate. Let’s all pray for warmer weather next year!

Sarah T.- Thank you Myriam!! As a survivor, I am damn proud to run this race

Elyssia M.- It was my first time running this race, I thought everything was great (aside from the cold). The people and organization was wonderful. Thank you, Myriam!

Robert G.- Thank you for all that you do Myriam Loor!!  And the volunteers RULE!!!!

Sarah T.- Thank you so much for the amazing race yesterday! And shout out to all the volunteers!!!

Helena J.- An amazing feat Myriam today Myriam ! Thank you for all you do for Cancerc patients and their families. God Bless you always.

Julie L.- Another amazing job Myriam!!

Doreen S.- Great day!! The volunteers were amazing!!! Thank you!!!!

Phyllis V.- Omg it was brutal but I kept thinking don’t you quit Phyllis don’t do it!!
You’re an amazingly awesome inspiring woman & we love you!!!

Fran A.- Thank you for your tireless work in making this race a success year after year Myriam!! From start to finish everything was perfect! Special thank you to the amazing volunteers that braved the cold with genuine joy!!

Jeannie L.- Thank YOU Myriam and all of the volunteers who braved the cold. I know I was warm once I got moving. It was all of you that I am grateful for; the people diverting traffic, EMS, police, fire department personnel, people who have freely if their time to pour and hand out water and gatorade, everyone at the finish line. YOU were the true heroes today

John S.- Thank you Myriam, despite the cold it was another great race!

Olive F.- You are simply the best #thatisall thank you – The Ghanaian Runner hahahah

Jeff B.- I wanted to write and say thank you for all your efforts make the Celebrate Life Half marathon such a success. I know how much work the Race Director has and I appreciate all your time and work to make this race a reality. It was a great day – despite the cold weather. In fact, I was impressed with how smoothly everything went EVEN with the freezing temps. I was especially impressed and thankful to the many volunteers that braved the cold to be of help and service to us runners. There were so many people available throughout the race route – and we all appreciate their service. Please extend my thanks to them – not only for their willingness to volunteer but their willingness to do it in such adverse weather conditions – and for so many, much longer than I had to be out in the cold.
It was another successful race Myriam – thanks so much.

Claire S.- It was cold. It was bitter. I am still cold, but the runners today were the nicest ever. If I poured the water ahead of time, it would freeze solid, so I ended up pouring for runners as they approached. Everyone was so patient and enthusiastic. The Gatorade slushies were a big hit, too. It might have been a difficult race for runners and volunteers alike, but these are the stories that are so fun to tell. Like everyone else I was reluctant to attend this morning, but knowing we were all helping those who have it so much worse, made the decision to stay the course a no brainer. Thank you, Myriam Loor, for giving us this opportunity.

Monika R.- It’s always our pleasure! The best race ever, Myriam Loor. Much love and appreciation for all that you do.

Linnea H.- Thank you Myriam and volunteers. This was my 3rd time doing the relay and each year it gets better. Yes, the weather sucked (even more so for the volunteers and the cheering crowd), but for me it was just an hour of sucking. For those fighting cancer, it’s got to be worse than we experienced. Keep up the good work! And it’s only 5 weeks until wine lol!

Bobby A.- Good job Myriam and co.!

Amy B.- Myriam Loor you are an amazing director, you thought of everything… you even had porter potties on the run, I am so grateful to be part of this amazing event!!! We run for those who cant and we run to beat this ungodly disease , we kicked butt today!!! Such comradery from all the runners. Thank you for all you do!!!

Pamela – To say today was cold is definitely an understatement, but we never once considered not showing up. This race is very special, which was evident by all of the wonderful volunteers and the crazy runners who showed up because of a cause bigger than each of us individually. I ran this race to not only help those who have heard those awful words: “I am sorry. You have cancer,” but to honor them. I ran this race to remember those who we have lost to this terrible disease. I ran this race with my husband by my side, as that’s where he was during my cancer journey. This was our seventh year and we will be back again next year. Thank you Miriam for giving us a venue to Celebrate Life!

Eliot L.- Thank you, Myriam … for another fulfilling event!

Jessica A.- Awesome race even with the temperatures it’s worth it for the cause! Many thanks for all that you to do to put this together!

Lisa R.- Thank you so much for having all of us, today, Myriam! Your volunteers are absolutely wonderful! Fantastic event – thanks to all of you!! ♥ @100halfmarathonsclub #100halfmarathonsclub #100halfs
Jill T.- Thanks for a great event and to all those awesome volunteers out on the course!

Pinda B.- Whenever I struggled I thought of the people in my life who are fighting cancer and those who have lost their fight. Keeps it all in perspective. Thank you.

Anne M.- Thank you Myriam Loor and a huge thanks to all the volunteers! You were out in the cold and you smiled and cheered all morning!

Ben L.- Great race. You do an amazing job. You praised us for running but on a day like today (and actually most days) you and the volunteers are the ones that matter. There is no race without you.

Thank you. Hope to see you at the vintage 13.1 in October if not before.

Mary B.- Thank you and all the volunteers that worked this, particularly those that stood in the cold for 5 hours!! Christine P.- It was a great day thank you for being such a terrific and dedicated race director for such an amazing cause!

Dana S.- Thank you too, Myriam Loor! Thank you to all participate as well who were cheering each other on. And last but not least, thank you to the best volunteers EVER! Who else would freeze their butts off for us? Very few others. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Have a good thaw, everyone!

Rosie D.- I love you, Myriam Loor. You my love, put your heart in soul into a race I consider to be the absolute best and I thank you.

Karen A.- THANK YOU!! (Could you please put in an order for warmer weather for next year? I think that was the coldest 1/2 I’ve ever run, and I’ve run 100+!)

Lisa.- It was amazing! By far my favorite half and worth doing in the cold

Christopher R.- Huge thanks to you and the volunteers. It was much colder for those not running. Missed the snow squall though 🙂

Joann J.- Great event today!! Thanks to everyone who stood out there in the freezing cold!!!!!! I’ll be back next year for sure!

Laura R.- Thank you for all that you do Myriam!!

And the volunteers rocked!!!!!!! 🙂

Paul D.- Great job today, as always!!

Janice H.- Amazing job once again Myriam!!

Dawn O.- A great big thank you to all the volunteers out there in the freezing cold talking care of the runners and keeping us motivated and upbeat!

Bonnie K.- Myriam, despite being sick before race day and frigid temperatures, you handled the day’s events like the impeccable race director you are. Happy to be part of the #celebratelife experience.

Donald T.- Celebrate Life Half Marathon, and a very cold day. 12 degrees at the start with 10 to 15 mile an hour winds. Still an awesome race!”

Kate C.- Thanks Myriam for another great CLHM. Your volunteers were awesome – as usual.


Ky – Myriam , thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful race. I’m happy we had nice weather for the occasion…..your signs along the route were great and gave us a good chuckle when we needed it most! Already looking forward to next year

Stacy – What a great event (as always)! This race gets better and better each year. Thank so much Myriam , for all of the hard work you put into this race! You ROCK!!!

Amy – Myriam, Thank You for an awesome run! Such A great vibe from all!

John – Thanks for a great day. Can’t even imagine the work and coordination that went into “running” this race. But you did an excellent job

Judy – Great race. It had to be one of the best that I have run. It must have been the Lenten thing.

Manuel – Congratulations on a wonderful race. I am a member of the the FrontRunners of New York. This was my first time running this race.

Thank you to you and all of the people who volunteer during the race. It was a “challenging” but wonderful experience.


Gen – It was great meeting you, and what a pleasure it was to participate in your Celebrate Life Half Marathon!

Migdalia – Thank you, good experience, well organized..Tks

Star -Myriam, thank you for another amazing race. I wanted to thank you for all you do. You have helped so many patients, anyone reading the testimonies will be inspired to give more to your cause when they read and see how isolated, destitute and hopeless some have been before you gave a helping hand. I want to thank you for also helping all of us who run/walk to support you and this cause. Myriam, every time I finish your run I look around and see how happy everyone is. I do not want to put words in anyone’s mouth but, for me I know you have given us a feeling of “doing something”. When family, friends or people we just know from the community are told they have cancer most of us feel helpless. Do we call? Do we bring food? offer anything they might need? yes of course but, most times it’s such a helpless feeling. As I looked around at all the folks after the race I think, thank you Myriam, for giving us a way to feel like we are also helping, there is something so special about this race its such a huge community event that is spreading that good old fashion feeling of love, comfort and hopefulness. God Bless you ox.

Melanie J. Thank you Myriam for making this race possible and letting your Austrian friends join it! It was really inspiring and worth the trip from Austria!

Adam – I truly enjoyed the race today, and it is beautiful course, and well organized. I also enjoyed pacing and chatting with the runners. It was also touching to see all the names for the loved who were lost to cancer on the side of the course. And it was also nice to see so many survivors. You guys are amazing.

Christian B- We came almost 4000 miles to do the race today. It was awesome!! Perfect conditions and great planning. Hard to ask for more. We will return to Denmark with a great experience. Thank you all!!! Feel free to come by Copenhagen for one of the world’s great half marathons – CphHalf.

Natalie – This was my 1st half marathon in honor of my mother and father in-laws.

So happy I got to be a part of it.

We honored you ALL!

Krystal – Thank you to all the runners and volunteers that made today’s race so amazing. A big thank you to Myriam for allowing me to run with my kids due to my poor date keeping. The kids loved cheering on all the runners and seeing all the people. Thank you to everyone that cheered us on – I will never forget today!

Billy – Thank you for putting on an awesome race today

Laura – Myriam, I love your race!!!!!! For the first time in months I was able to run pain free. I think it was all the positive energy that always surrounds this beautiful race!!!

Paula – Delaware County loves Celebrate Life Half Marathon

Deb – I smile reading all of the compliments about the event and you. We are all blessed by this each year, even the hills, which remind us of our resilience and perseverance. The awesome volunteers who make the tough moments easier with cheering, delightful outstretched hands with Gatorade or water. The awesome medal and sweatshirt/jacket. The food, drink and good cheer.

Debbie – This survivor loved the race, even though she can’t feel her lower extremities. Thank you so much to the amazing volunteers and runners who encouraged us the entire 13.1 miles.

Laura -My third year running this amazing race. Thank you, Myriam, and all of the volunteers, for all that you do to make this one of the best races for a wonderful cause. See you next year

Brooke – Thank you Celebrate Life for my first half marathon with my “sole sisters”!

Jeannie – A special shout-out to the “YOU CAN DO IT” guy who peddled along and kept us motivated!

Christopher – Had a great time!!! See ya next year!!

Ann – Every half should have beer at mile 12.

Carl – Oustanding ‪#‎NewRoRunners team took 3rd Overall male & 3rd place group at Celebrate Life Half Marathon. Many thanks to Myriam and all the volunteers who made this a fun and memorable ‪#‎run experience!!

Ronald – Thank you Myriam for the wonderful experience, truly a feel good event! Flying 24 hrs from Singapore was so worth it. Iya and I are very thankful to you, Louise, Richie, the Ramada and CLHM crew, and to the volunteers. Will be back to sizzling hot SG!

Eddie – Fantastic Run today. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it so great!

Marie – My third year along with Sarajane as relayers . My first year I wore my leg braces and three miles in 3 hours & had to get picked up , 2nd year I wore my braces completed the 2nd leg in over 3 hours 3 miles ; no more water tables no one left on the street or at the finish line …. This year no braces and completed second leg 40 minutes faster than last year. Thank you Lucia for the inspiration of a relay and Myriam for making it happen. Thank you to all of my cheerleaders who inspire me always and forever, my sunshines you will always be!

Sharon – Thank you Myriam for such a great race!!! You are awesome! Also, thank you to all of the volunteers, Emergency & Law Enforcement people who help to keep us safe. I truly appreciate all that you do.

Rachel – Great Race, although the HILLS were BRUTAL!!

Darth – Thank you to the race director, staff, workers, sponsors, spectators, first responders, police and volunteers for a wonderful event day today. The course was challenging and I loved it! Great energy out there today and support of participants encouraging others out there.

Stacey – Awesome day!!! Loved every bit of it (except some of the hills, didn’t love all of them)

Mel – Lancet What a wonderful race Myriam!! Well done! See you next year!

Kelly – What a great day Myriam! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Mary – This is shout out to Myriam, first and foremost, Thank you for your tireless efforts as race director. And to all participating in tomorrow’s event, thank you for supporting this wonderful cause. The H Family will be forever grateful for the grant our daughter received from CLHM while she was undergoing treatment for cancer. She was out of work for 8 months and relied on the generous donations to help pay medical bills. Thankfully, she is doing well presently. I ask all of you to keep in your hearts and minds the reason why we run this race, it is above all to help those in need. And it is also to remind us runners to always appreciate our gift of being able to run/walk. Fondly, Mary and Robert

Julie – just would like to say thank you for everyone with the water, telling us our times at the miles, people cheering us on, the food, the sweatshirts, etc. It was a wonderful day, fabulous job everyone!!!

Gary – Thank you, you did a great job.

Next year please ask the people giving times at the mile markers to speak clearly and loudly and to say the entire time. When I am running by a mile marker and they say 55, 56. 57, without saying the minutes it was confusing. One woman way siting down and you could not hear her at all.  Just a minor suggestion to a great day for you. For me, not so good, I did not do well, thank you.

Bonnie – Thank you to Myriam and all of the volunteers!

Wayne – Thank you for everything you do Myriam ,! CLHM was my first half ever and is a special race and day for me. You are an amazing woman

Ashley – The Celebrate Life Half Marathon was my first but not last half marathon! Came home with a nice blister but it was totally worth it! Thank you everyone for such an awesome first half marathon experience! Hope to be back next year and having a better finish time!

Todd – I absolutely loved this, my first, half marathon! Myriam, you are an incredible friend, and a spectacular race director! Kathryn, and our girl, did an amazing job hustling for FOUR HOURS as they helped at the end, stripping off plastic covers and handing out 1,000 medals! Monika Lavicska Roosa helped outside the mouth of Wolf Lake with the hydration station! The Celebrate Life Half Marathon was a truly inspiring race– running for my grandfather, grandmother, mother-in-law, and son who all battled cancer in one way or another. My signing up, must be given credit, where credit is due. ◇◇◇◇◇ Myriam: I could use you to volunteer at the water station at mile 12 Herbert: Man up Grodin! (So I chose to sign up at the last minute instead of helping with a water table! Thanks Herbie!

Rob – Nice job. The benefits of this race and your efforts with it are fantastic.

Stacey G – What an awesome event! Thank you Thank you for an exciting day.  I didn’t think I would finish but the motivation and camaraderie received from everyone on the route was amazing!! I’m

So proud of you!!
Felicia – Myriam,

This was my first time at Celebrate Life…and it most certainly will not be my last! My absolute favorite event!! What an inspiring day!! I must tell you…I broke a rule, I was supposed to run the first leg of the relay,which I did,but was so inspired, I just kept on going! My legs are sore today, but man was it worth it!! I hope you can forgive me! Thanks again for such a great event!!

Phil – Thanks for all your work and keeping us informed about what was going on before and after the run.

I know it takes a lot of effort, time and stress.

You did a fantastic job.

Jerry – Btw – I love your event !!! You done good

Bonnie – Thank YOU for your endless hours to make the race such a success!




Kerri – I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to run in such an inspirational race.

After this winter’s weather, temps, ice, snow covered roads…  I had considered backing out at the last minute due to lack of training (or actually, no training at all), but realized that this race is more then the word “race” per say.  It’s about the struggles of our loved ones and strangers, and about persevering even in times of hardships.  So I dug in my sneakers and pushed through.  I am so happy that I did.  The motivational miles brought tears to my eyes.  The volunteers were cheery even standing in snow squalls.

So thank you, thank you for putting together a race that is for people, to not only help others, but to help those who participate to realize they too can push through any struggle.

Jackie G. – Great job as always Myriam. Despite obstacles, you always overcome them all. True Leader you are!

Jim B – and a good time had by all… you did a marvelous job.

Larry S- Myriam – What a great half marathon! I have run several half and a couple of full marathons and I must say that this was the best course I’ve run. It was so peaceful and serene especially when the snow was coming down hard. The participants were there for more than a run. They were there to support others. I will make this one of my annual events.

You (and the support staff) put on a FANTASTIC event!

Dawn – Hi Myriam, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. It was a terrific day!!! All the time that you and your team dedicate is very much appreciated.

Stephany E – Yes, Myriam, you did a fantastic job – I hope you will save yourself a bottle or two of the award wine for after Lent!

Bill T – Thanks Myriam! And thanks to all of the volunteers! First time at Celebrate! It was awesome! The snow was so much fun and a beautiful course. Everyone I met and raced with was so happy! Thanks again for the awesome post race “FEAST”. This was a blast! Peace 🙂

Gracia H – Thank you!! What a great race!!

Jodie R – It was great, love the names on the bibs! The best feel good race around!

Julie D – Thanks for a totally awesome race, really enjoyed the scenery . Thank you to all those volunteers that gave their time today, you are what keeps us going!

Keith M – Thank you for another great race!!!

William U – Thanks Myriam Loor for this great race

Bobby A– You nailed it, Myriam

Alicia D – Great race. Where can we find results.

Holley B-  Thank you for a great race!!

Antonia G. Thank you for putting on such an amazing event. Great time…hills, snow, and all! Oh, and PS, the blue Gatoraid is my favorite. Was a refreshing treat.

Jennie D- Thank you! You are a wonderful person. I am so glad I found this race last year and came back to do it again! You make us all feel like friends. Thank you a million times for all that you do!

Tom B- That was a great race. I can’t wait to sign up for next year.

Kevin B – Celebrate Life 1/2 in Rock Hill, NY hosted by the Sullivan Hotel, Sullivan County. Great hospitality, post race lunch and timekeeping posted quickly, 1:45, will return Myriam, Race Director!

Exceeded 1,000! Myriam‘s volunteers and the Sullivan Hotel make this a fun destination race for NJ or NewRo clubs who want to get their Leprechauns in order, and run the relay, or 13.1M.

Stacy C – Awesome race and we all feel badass for running in what felt like a blizzard!!

Patricia B – Thank you for a great race and a memorable first half marathon for me…we do need to get together and discuss what “no significant hills” means wink emoticon Either way I loved it and was glad to be a part of something that provides so much more than just a fun race!

Tim S – This was the first time I did a half marathon. It was a lot of fun and for a great cause despite snow squalls and only one Porta potty.

Roodley P – as much as I hate those rolling hills on the monster course God willing I’ll come back for the 3rd time next year for sure. I hurt my hamstring on mile 10, but had to remind myself theirs survivors who can’t even run today, so quitting was NEVER an option for me See you next year.

Amy B – Even though I couldn’t be there I want to thank you for putting together this great race! What you do is so special and a blessing and I look forward to doing it next year Lord willing God bless you!

Danielle B – Thank you again for a wonderful race Myriam. You are most definitely a super awesome race director. I found myself all choked up as I came around the memory mile the second time. I remembered that no matter how difficult the course is, there are things in life that are so much more difficult.

Jodie R – Thank you Miriam, you are why it happens in the first place.

Tara P – Myriam, all of the volunteers, ORC and Strider volunteers, Outback, ETC…. Thank you for taking the time to make the race more special than it already is. And to all of the survivor runners and walkers great job…you are the reason why we ran today.

Essie R Thank you for an awesome snow filled race!! Myriam, you and your volunteers put on an amazing event, thank you!!

Denise K – Thank you. You are a wonderful person. Thank you for a terrific running event &, most importantly, for helping so many cancer patients in need.

Dottie L- Thank you for all your hard work!

Andrea R – thank you for your hard work putting together such a great race for a cause. I enjoyed it very much!!!

Jacklyn T – Thank you.

Kacey Hands down the mission of this race and YOU as a race director will make these hills worth coming back to next year!

Joe W – Great race Myriam…Great race! Many thanks to you, the sponsors, and the volunteers…Well done smile emoticon

Tony T – Great event, Myriam

Janelle -Great race. Thank you!!

Charmaine- great time. Thanks

Erina – Thank you so much Myriam for all the work you do for this amazing and fabulous half. It was so cool to get my medal from you at the end of the race !!!!!!

Angie F- Thank you for a great race today Myriam! Next time if you could check with Mother Nature about not throwing us a blizzard in the middle that would be great 🙂

Raelee- Thank you so much for a great race!!

Suze S – Great race Myriam Loor! After I come back from Florida, we will get together ( maybe lunch) and would love to have you sign my book! Thank you for all of your hard work and the volunteers! I love you!

Mandi – Everything really went smoothly, other than the snow…. Coulda done without the snow. Can you get that fixed for next year (LOL)!?

Pamela G – Great job AGAIN! Thank you to you and all of the volunteers! It truly was a Celebration of Life! We will be back next year for our 6th time!

Monika – I am so glad that I was able to be a part of all the love and positive energy. I met the greatest people today. I don’t know where you find these people! You’re amazing! It was an absolute pleasure to volunteer for your event! Can’t wait to do it again next year. Xo

Christinne – Great race! So happy to have been a part of it again this year – nice work! Thank you for all you do!

Jared K – Another great job Myriam, can’t wait till next year. Well actually I can’t get of the couch so I guess no rush.

Rene W – Thank you for having an amazing race! This was my first time running it, but it won’t be my last!

Crystal V- Thanks for all YOU do. Awesome time.

Pinda – For all that you bring to this event, for all the volunteers, thank you.

Tanya – I just wanted to thank you for all of the work you have put into The Celebrate Life Half Marathon! I competed today in the half today, but was disappointed when I went into the Sullivan to find absolutely no food left! I was so hungry, I asked one of the servers from Outback when they would be putting more out and they said they brought enough of 1000 people and were out! I couldn’t understand this being there were somewhere around 800+ runners/walkers, I also noticed numerous non participants eating what should have been something I was promised at the finish! I just feel that I wasn’t promised what was in my entry fee, perhaps because I wasn’t as fast as the others.

Also, I purchased a sign for the Motivational mile for my Mom Janice Cowen, I received your email to confirm the spelling and responded that it was correct but, when I saw  it at mile 11, her name was spelled incorrectly.  It read, Janice Cohen.

Other than that, I enjoyed the race!

thank you,

Tanya C

Elizabeth T – Awesome race, thank you Myriam Loor!

Beth P – Myriam Loor this was a wonderful race!! Thank you for all that you do for this cause that, sadly, touches so close to home for so many of us. Thank you for your hard work!

Gayle H – Thank you Myriam for a wonderful race and all the time and love that you put into making it happen!

Michelle D – t was a great run!! Thank you for all of your hard work, very much appreciated!!

Laura H – Thank you for all you do Myriam Loor! This is my second year running this amazing race. This year was tougher for me and I forgot how many hills there were. The mini blizzard made it more interesting for sure! As a survivor, I am so happy to be able to help others fighting cancer. Thank you for an amazing day, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!!

Zoe A – Always a great event!!! Thank you for everything!

Mike – Mariam, Just a quick note to say thank you for the race today. Every thing ran very smoothly and I had a lovely day.

Patti P- You did an amazing job against all the odds of limited training and the blizzard . An amazing accomplishment by all the Participants and looking forward to next year.

Dennis S-   Miriam  I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the 9 runners from my running club HILL RUNNERS OF HUNTERDON from Western NJ were very impressed with todays run. When I got back to the car after the race (I am the slowest, so I am the last to finish) first question I asked was Not their time, but what did you think of the course. All said it was CHALLENGING (and that’s a good thing). Western NJ is full of hills, but this was different for them.

The snow squalls, and wind we experienced around the 5 mile marker was quite an experience. I am convinced that this is how our loved ones in heaven reached out to us today. They wanted to mix it up a bit, and let us know they were watching us.

Anyhow, We’ll all be back next year, and maybe a few more of us will take the Rock Hill challenge. You did a great job once again. I know that you gave up wine for lent, but did you ever hear of special dispensation on Sunday’s during lent. I think it’s an italian custom that my family followed. You owe it to yourself.

See ya next year.

Joe B- Awesome day out there AGAIN this year. Great job Myriam!

BM- I would just like to inform you that when we finished the race today there was no food left. Its a little frustrating paying for a race & being told you will be fed at the end to find out that’s not true. The 3 people I was with felt the same. I understand that the food is offered to non race members for a fee but in the future maybe they can set aside enough meals for all the racers before offering to nonrace people. Being offered a free appetizer from outback doesn’t quite supplement the disappointment we felt at the end of the race.

Reply from RD- Hi Bonnie,

I am sorry for your disappointment. The Outback food is a donation as was the ziti that was outside, it is not something that comes out of participants entry fee. We ask participants to be understanding if food runs out. The OB is very generous to offer a free appetizer after. As I runner who has done many marathons paying over $200 and I have gotten no food or an energy bar or a chocolate milk, I feel Celebrate Life Half Marathon offers a lot for the fee.

Again, I am sorry for your disappointment. We try to feed as many people as we can. Sometimes we don’t quite make it.

Robert K – In conclusion today was a great day. All the hard work paid off and a goal was met. I would like to thank the race director Myriam Loor for another amazing race. She puts so much effort keeping us runners informed months leading to the race. Also I can’t say enough about the volunteers at the water stations. They battled the cold and snow for us runners to do what we love. And they were spot on the whole race. You men and women are the best. Last but not least I want to thank my amazing sister Kimmy Liesl for having the shirt in memory of our brother made. It was absolutely incrediblely done. Finally for me, I learned a very important lesson today. And that is that running has a much deeper meaning to me than I ever realized. For the first time since my brother passed I feel I have done something constructive about his loss instead of being sad, depressed, or angry. I helped in the fight against cancer. I want to and will do more in the fight against cancer. But fighting cancer starts just like a half marathon. “With a single step” And I took that step today.

David R. Thank you Miriam for organizing such an inspiring race. While one of the last hills was tough, the signs dedicated to loved ones inspired me even more to finish the climb and race strong. My hats off to you and all the other volunteers, runners and sponsors.

Shira R- Thank you so much for this opportunity to #runforacause! What a great time I had today. Thank you for the work you do to help families with cancer. I am thankful everyday for the fact my mother had an opportunity to prepare for when she got sick. So many people are not that fortunate. She would be proud of this race and the fact that she was remembered today.

Karen M- Thank YOU for doing such a great job putting it on!!

Carol A – This is my 3rd Celebrate Life Half Marathon and by far the most emotional: from the tears at the Honor Mile to the laughter when the blizzard really hit hard. Myriam Loor, you and your team did a phenomenal job! Thank you

Shanna B – Thank you Miriam! Congratulations on a great race! 5th year today doing it and it is my favorite! One of the best run races I’ve ever been too.

Lisa J – Thank you for a great time today:-). Our second year and we will be back next year:-)

Melanie T – Really perfect race!!!!!! Such fun and great group of people. Saw so many people I know.

Deb H – Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Thank you Myriam Loor for AGAIN putting together an event that impacts so many and is an enriching and fun (even with the brutal hills) event. Lots of prayers for you out there today.

Victoria – Such an amazing day….Celebrate Life year #3 in the books. Thank you so much Miriam!!

Darlene – Thank-you again for letting me switch to an earlier start… Another well run race…You are the best!

Star W – Another successful race, thank you Myriam, you are not only a very cool RD you amaze us each year with your ability to pull off this wonderful event for such a worthy cause. Bless you sweet lady*

Anne M – Thanks again Miriam for a wonderful race day!!  Congrats to everyone !

Bill B – Can’t tell you how glad I was to drag my ass out to run 7.5 today; the raw emotion of so many finishers as I waited to photograph my friends coming in was a testament to the power of this race and a true celebration of life. Thank you, Myriam.

Rosie Decker – You rock.

Peggy – Thanks so much for a great race today! I ran the relay with my daughter. We had a great run and enjoyed the course! The mini blizzard at the transition point was fun too. We will be back!!

Douglas S – Thank you Myriam, volunteers, sponsors and everyone else that make this race happen. Another great event and what a special treat having a blizzard in the middle of it! That was about the only weather condition I hadn’t raced in. Now I can say I’ve raced through it all! I don’t know how you managed it, but thanks for adding it in. .. 🙂

Eileen G – Finished my third walking half marathon… Looks like 4hrs 3 min… A little snow got in my way!!

Susan S – Snow, Hills, mile 12 beer toast, medal, done. As always, amazing job Myriam. Thank you!

It was a great race! I am coming off an injury so I struggled a bit at the end after all those hills but I’m looking forward to racing it again. Beautiful course, friendly volunteers, and very convenient start/finish at hotel. I especially liked the short blizzard. Looks like others agree! 🙂 Can’t wait to wear my CLHM fleece.

Kelly C – It was a great race! I am coming off an injury so I struggled a bit at the end after all those hills but I’m looking forward to racing it again. Beautiful course, friendly volunteers, and very convenient start/finish at hotel. I especially liked the short blizzard. Looks like others agree! 🙂 Can’t wait to wear my CLHM fleece.

Jean V- Hats off to Myriam Loor For a amazing race once again.. The elements were torture .. Snow squalls.. Windy as hell.. Terrible footing .. And Cold!!..and It the slowest half marathon in the books for me… But it is about that today .. It’s about people coming together for a Great cause.. !!!! thank you to every volunteer that makes this possible.. Here’s to raising lots of money for everyone who is battling cancer!!!.. And for Rosa who carried me when I was suffering today.

Dennis T- Great job as usual Myriam. You get the volunteers, runners, walkers and everyone from the community out here supporting this cause. I believe it’s because so many are touched by it and how the monies are disbursed. I’m proud to be a small part of it all.

Norm A – Myriam, as usual, you did a terrific job! A great race for walkers. I even enjoyed the unplanned snow squall! (Though I was thankful it didn’t last too long.)

Jennifer L – wrote: “Yes, Myriam.. We runners we laughing…(about the snow) We couldn’t believe it! Loved the wine and donuts table at mile 12.

Tammy- I don’t know about everyone else, but I thought that the “treats” at the last aid station were awesome. What a fun idea! It only added to the great spirit of the event.

Such efforts. The volunteers are amazing……standing in the cold with drinks and cheers of motivation…was so great!!! Loved when they called me by name……the most touching was the motivational mile and the reaction from runners as they passed by. Thank you!!!

Kelly R- Hi Myriam, I am sorry it has taken me this long to contact you but I want to thank you for all of your efforts. I am from Long Island and run races regularly- 5K, 10k and half marathons. I have to say your race is my favorite. It’s a beautiful course and everyone there is so friendly. I can only imagine how much work is involved and really appreciate it.