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In 2022 you helped us raise $79,000! Read stories of people we have helped.

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CrowdriseUse GoFundMe to ask your friends and family to help you raise money to help cancer patients!

Sponsor's letter 2022form Download the form for offline donation instructions, or to give to an interested friend, colleague or employer.

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because-it-is-iProceeds from Because It Is I Donated to CLHM

A compilation of candid reflections on life, love and friendship. Short, heartfelt essays that reflect on the author's experience raising children, her passion for running and the hope she found after her diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

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Motivational Mile

To add the name of a loved one, select the option above or add it to your donation.

The Motivational Mile is a display of names honoring loved ones affected by cancer or encouraging one of the participants. The names stretch along mile one and 11 reminding you with each step you take of the contribution you are making in the fight against cancer.

Where Does The Money Go?

  1. Everything we raise, we donate. No administrative or overhead expenses.
  2. Our funds are carefully managed by the restricted Patient Fund Nurses Committee. A group of oncology nurses dedicated to the treatment of cancer patients in Orange and Sullivan Counties.
  3. We help cancer patients equally in Orange and Sullivan Counties.
  4. Patients are helped with direct payment of any medical expenses; physician co-pays, transportation, prescriptions, dental bills and any financial need they may have.
  5. At times we help them pay their rent, buy food. We help them fight this fight

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Please make your check payable to:
Celebrate Life Half Marathon
And mail your donation to:
Celebrate Life Half Marathon
PO Box 965
Rock Hill NY 12775