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Certification Map

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Course maps by Race Consultant, Diana Bean

Spectator Map

Spectator Map
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Course Elevation Profile

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Beautiful scenic course. One major hill a mile one, then flat for the next two miles. A shorter hill at mile 4 followed by a downhill as you enter Wolf Lake. Breath in the beauty of the lake and run rolling hills around it. A hill at mile 9 as you exit the lake  followed by a downhill.  Mostly flat after with a couple of rolling hills. A smaller hill at mile 12. Downhill finish.

Race Elevation Profile

Relay Exchange

CLHM Relay Exchange Location & Travel Route

With your back to the Sullivan make right out of parking lot, then left on Katrina falls (first left). Follow Katrina Falls for 3 miles. Make left on Wolf Lake Rd. Follow road to end. Find parking and wait for your partner.